Client Story

Delivering secure pre-employment screening for a Global Tech Giant


A leading global technology company wanted to provide a secure environment for delivering their pre-employment assessments. The security of the company’s previous employee selection program for hiring engineers in Southeast Asia was compromised. The items were stolen within 24 hours and the answers were posted on the Internet.


Lumina Datamatics leveraged its advanced adaptive assessment platform, Smart Test Technology®, to enhance test security and decrease item exposure.

  • Analyzed the underlying psychometric properties and response data on the original test
  • Utilized predictive models for item generation and adaptive testing
  • Automatic Item Generators rapidly created comparable items of the same item that reduces the risk of item exposure
  • Measured the generated items in response trials to ensure their validity was at par with the items from the original test
  • Leveraged advanced analytics to accurately predict which candidates would be successful in the company


Lumina Datamatics’ highly secure solution generated over 10,000 questions from just 85 questions, which significantly reduced the risk of item exposure. Assessments delivered through Smart Test Technology® and the following validity studies helped the company predict, with a high level of accuracy, which candidates would be successful employees nine months from the original test administration.

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