Next generation assessment and analytics solution

Addressing the individual needs of each student has long been a key challenge for educators across the K-12 and Higher Education landscape. At Adaptive Datamatics, we believe that by blending the right tools and technologies with strong pedagogical vision, educators can ensure that every student’s needs are met every step of the way.

Our next generation assessment and analytics solution offers unlimited possibilities for educators at all levels to effectively assess and predict student outcomes with precision and reliability.


Adaptive testing

Deliver secure, valid, and reliable assessments that can effectively measure the skills and knowledge for both low-stakes and high-stakes tests


Automatic item generation

Use artificial intelligence to create valid test questions without human intervention


Make powerful predictions about student outcomes and create the most effective interventions for student success.

Adaptive Assessments

Smart Test Technology®, our sophisticated adaptive assessment platform, helps educators deliver secure, valid and reliable assessments for day-to-day classroom testing as well as large-scale, high-stakes testing.

With Smart Test Technology®, educators can

  • Cut down testing time, anywhere between 50%-90%
  • Provide your test-takers with accurate and instant feedback on their progress
  • Enhance security by limiting the number of common items administered to each student

Automatic Item Generation

Item development involves significant time, cost and effort.  Adaptive Datamatics’ Automated Item Generator (AIG) helps educators maximize test bank usage while minimizing overexposure.

Our propriety algorithms ensure that more than 99% of all items in a bank are used, and no question appears on more than 25% of tests.

Using our Automated Item Generator (AIG), educators can

  • Create a vast pool of psychometrically valid questions quickly
  • Reduce cost of item development
  • Improve test security by introducing different alternatives of the same item to ensure that different items are administered

Data & Analytics

Adaptive Datamatics specializes in turning data into actionable insights that enable educators to predict each student’s performance, identify high-risk students and also evaluate instruction effectiveness.

  • Build early warning indicators to predict outcomes that need early intervention and improvement
  • Predict college and career readiness
  • Improve instructional efforts tailored to individual students
  • Identify and retain great teachers

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