Talent Assessment & Analytics Solutions

As talent becomes a distinctive advantage for businesses, high performance organizations are looking at ways to improve talent acquisition, development and performance and ultimately their bottom line.

Adaptive Datamatics brings together a wide range of talent assessment and analytics capabilities that will help businesses of all sizes – and across industries to identify right candidates to the right roles, monitor performance against goals, and effectively engage and prepare employees for advancement.

Talent Acquisition

Pre-employment testing is increasingly being adopted by hiring managers to improve accuracy, reduce costs and speed up time to hire. Using our sophisticated adaptive assessment platform, hiring managers can be better equipped to predict fit, engagement and performance before they hire.

Adding pre-employment testing to your hiring process leads to:


  • Better hiring decisions. Identify top performers and avoid costly mis-hires and losses linked to under-performing employees
  • Greater process efficiency. Faster identification of right talent leads to reduced hiring time and costs
  • Improved engagement and retention. Report applicants who are more likely to stay in the job longer
  • 360 degree view of candidates. Comprehensive view of strengths and weaknesses, behavioral traits, cognitive abilities and more…

Talent Development

We believe that aligning talent and skills with business goals is crucial for high performance.  By combining our expertise in psychometrics, data analytics and assessment technology, Adaptive Datamatics can help HR functions to assess individual and team readiness, identify leadership potential, and diagnose engagement levels and performance.

Employee Engagement

Deliver engaging, socially infused, collaborative online experiences to increase efficiency and productivity of employees using our Digital Employee Engagement Platform (DEEP)™. DEEP™ is an Open Source Intranet that digitally connects and collaborates with employees, allowing a free flow of information within and outside the organization and enabling publishing and management of business information. By integrating DEEP™ with our analytics engine, we can help businesses to predict turnover and employee costs.

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