The Science of Engagement

What does it mean and what causes it?


We created Smart Test Technology to measure a person’s engagement securely and efficiently. An engaged person accomplishes more work, understands educational material better, plays sports at a more advanced level, takes care of her body better, and contributes more readily to society as a whole. The state of engagement creates within someone a sense of timelessness, of being in the moment, or being totally focused but not overwhelmed. It is the nexus of challenge and skill. Graphically, we can represent it like this

When we understand where people’s engagement points are, we can make many accurate predictions in many fields of life: what risks might they have in their health? What concepts did they not understand in their courses? In what sports are they most competitive? In what job can they make the highest contribution?

The goals of our technology are simple

Predict and measure the precise level of a user’s engagement


Create a match between distributors and consumers based on engagement


Eliminate all extraneous factors that interfere with an understanding of engagement


How Do We Do It?

We have created the world’s most advanced adaptive algorithms and we administer them through our cloud-based assessment platform. Our platform provides unmatched precision in assessment, as well as unmatched item security. We deliver the following:


  • Rasch model
  • Uni- and multi-dimensional IRT1, 2, and 3 models
  • Shadow test methods
  • Weight deviation methods
  • Premium item security and efficiency—without external control mechanisms, no test item is exposed on more than 25% of tests while 99% of all items are used on at least one test
  • Automatic item generation—the use of artificial intelligence to create assessment questions without human intervention

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