Smart Test Technology®

Adaptive testing

One of the world’s first uni- and multi-dimensional computer adaptive testing and analytics platform, Smart Test Technology® addresses the learning, recruiting, risk mitigation and cost management needs of the education, corporate, healthcare and sports industries.

Using artificial intelligence, Smart Test Technology® can search, select, administer and score test questions based upon multiple skills and abilities of an examinee.

With the Smart Test Technology® platform, the testing process is shorter, scores are more accurate, and decisions are more efficient than ever before.

Automatic Item Generator (AIG)

AIG uses artificial intelligence to create valid test questions without human intervention. Our propriety algorithms ensure that more than 99% of all items in a bank are used, and no question appears on more than 25% of tests.

Using our Automated Item Generator (AIG), educators can

  • Create a vast pool of psychometrically valid questions quickly
  • Reduce cost of item development
  • Improve test security by introducing different alternatives of the same item to ensure that different items are administered

Sporting organizations can leverage Smart Test Technology® to

  • Electronically capture physical characteristics of athletes
  • Administer personality and visual-spatial intelligence tests using our sophisticated web-based assessment platform
  • Perform better predictive analysis of players and rankings
  • Gaint instant access to valuable insights anytime, anywhere, on any device

With Smart Test Technology®, Educators can

  • Deliver secure, valid, and reliable assessments that can effectively measure the skills and knowledge for both low-stakes and high-stakes tests
  • Use artificial intelligence to create valid test questions without human intervention
  • Make powerful predictions about student outcomes and create the most effective interventions for student success

Smart Test Technology® equips Healthcare organizations to

  • Measure overall health program performance (ROI Analysis)
  • Identify and stratify high-risk/ high cost members
  • Accurately predict future health plan costs
  • Utilize predictive algorithms to detect and prevent fraudulent claims
  • Identify training opportunities and administer online assessments for internal auditors, examiners and investigators

Using our sophisticated adaptive assessment platform, hiring managers can be better equipped to predict fit, engagement and performance before their hire.

  • Identify best candidates with assessment targeted for skills and knowledge your organization
  • Target the right personalities for your team with personality assessments
  • Predict employee performance and retention with ongoing assessment and engagement data
  • Use predictive models to create test questions

Digital Employee Engagement Platform (DEEP)™

Deliver engaging, socially infused, collaborative online experiences to increase efficiency and productivity of employees using our Digital Employee Engagement Platform (DEEP)™. DEEP™ is an Open Source Intranet that digitally connects and collaborates with employees, allowing a free flow of information within and outside the organization and enabling publishing and management of business information.

By integrating DEEP™ with our analytics engine, we can help businesses to predict turnover and employee costs.


  • Digitally connect and collaborate with employees allowing a free flow of information within and outside the organization
  • Enable publishing and management of business information
  • Efficient decision-making for employees
  • Increase employee engagement and raise awareness
  • Empower and enthuse employees with our employee engagement platform
  • Growth through collective and individual excellence
  • Productivity enhancement of employees
  • Faster process workflows and quick retrieval of relevant information – anytime, anywhere with secured access


  • Streamline through an automated workflow
  • Energize the workplace with the best intranet software – Improved employee productivity
  • Empower employees for increased and effective collaboration
  • Align and connect the workplace – Internal branding
  • Influence corporate culture – Updates on company/ industry
  • Exceptional web experience – Leveraging power of social employee engagement platform features
  • Better knowledge management – Organized and secured storage and retrieval
  • Reduce TCO – 50 to 80% reduction in cost with Open Source Intranet
  • Speed to deployment

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